2022 Season, 2022 (London Mens Baseball League (over 30 league))

This League is part of the 2022 season, which is not set as the current season.
Rays33006165+110.7623-0-0W3@ Aquarium Services, 7-3 (W)
Red Sox330061810+80.6433-0-0W3@ Tigers, 3-2 (W)
Aquarium Services321041615+10.5162-1-0L1vs. Rays, 7-3 (L)
Athletics321042421+30.5332-1-0W2vs. Werewolves, 7-11 (W)
Tigers2110285+30.6151-1-0L1vs. Red Sox, 3-2 (L)
Blue Jays2110256-10.4551-1-0L1@ Rays, 0-4 (L)
Mets2110259-40.3571-1-0W1vs. Marlins, 2-3 (W)
Cubs211021110+10.5241-1-0L1@ Aquarium Services, 7-8 (L)
Orioles211021315-20.4641-1-0L1@ Tigers, 2-6 (L)
Werewolves312021521-60.4171-2-0L1@ Athletics, 7-11 (L)
Expos1010068-20.4290-1-0L1vs. Red Sox, 8-6 (L)
Brewers20200711-40.3890-2-0L2@ Werewolves, 5-6 (L)
Marlins202001114-30.4400-2-0L2@ Mets, 2-3 (L)
Pirates202001116-50.4070-2-0L2@ Athletics, 10-11 (L)
Regular Season
Aquarium Services1714212914976+730.6628-2-0W4vs. Blue Jays, 3-9 (W)
Rays1713312715185+660.6408-2-0L1vs. Pirates, 12-2 (L)
Athletics17114224129106+230.5496-3-1T1vs. Brewers, 7-7 (T)
Blue Jays1710702013296+360.5797-3-0L1@ Aquarium Services, 3-9 (L)
Werewolves179711910287+150.5403-6-1W1@ Cubs, 11-0 (W)
Cubs1798018135106+290.5605-5-0L1vs. Werewolves, 11-0 (L)
Brewers1787218145115+300.5584-5-1T1@ Athletics, 7-7 (T)
Expos1789016128122+60.5126-4-0W3vs. Mets, 3-16 (W)
Pirates177821610899+90.5223-5-2W1@ Rays, 12-2 (W)
Tigers17710014129155-260.4546-4-0W2@ Red Sox, 7-4 (W)
Orioles17610113104160-560.3944-5-1W1@ Marlins, 10-6 (W)
Red Sox1741219124146-220.4592-8-0L2vs. Tigers, 7-4 (L)
Mets1741308103203-1000.3373-7-0L1@ Expos, 3-16 (L)
Marlins173131787170-830.3392-8-0L3vs. Orioles, 10-6 (L)