League Play - What to Expect (London Mens Baseball League (over 30 league))

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The LMBL has been playing baseball in London Ontario since 1992. We play most of our games at Labatt Park in downtown London and Dan Pulham Memorial Stadium in Northeast London. We also play at Byron, Dorchester, Citywide and the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame field in St. Mary's.

Who are we?  We are 210 men aged 30 and over from London and surrounding communities in Southwestern Ontario.

What are we about?  It really doesn't matter how talented you are - as long as you enjoy the game.  We emphasize participation and fun, not competition. That doesn't mean we don't care about winning. Over time you develop friendly rivalries with other players and teams which create a little more excitement and the adrenaline flows a little faster. After the game, all ill will is put aside and the post-game banter at the local pub is enjoyed by all.

For those looking to join our league, here is a little of what can be expected in our "over 30" baseball league:

1) Games are played once per week.  Generally on Sundays at 9:15AM, 12:00, 2:45, 5:30 or 8:15 (there are a few exceptions throughout the season - but a full schedule will be posted each April to permit proper planning).  If it's a long weekend, our games are scheduled on the holiday Monday.  This allows guys to still enjoy their weekend while making it back home from the cottage to get to the game. We do not play on Mothers Day Weekend - we made that mistake a long time ago and it won't be repeated!

2) Teams must carry a minimum of 15 players to allow for vacations, etc in the summer.  Unlimited field substitutions, and the batting order is 'continuous' - meaning the last out in one game is the last batter in the next game.  This 'should' mean an equal number of at-bats for all players over the course of the season.  Team Managers also have an obligation to ensure all players AVERAGE at least 3 defensive innings played per game over the course of the season.  Batting order can only be changed twice throughout the season - at the midpoint and at the start of playoffs.  Missing players simply collapse the batting order for that game and are reinserted in their normal slot for the next game.

3) Games are seven innings, and played mostly at Labatt Park and Dan Pulham.  Occasional games are played at Byron, Citywide, Hamlyn, St Thomas, and St Marys Hall of Fame Diamond.

4) Pitchers can only pitch a MAXIMUM of 9 outs per game.  Any pitcher who plunks three batters in one game MUST be removed from the pitching position for the remainder of that game.

5) Only wood (or wood composite) bats are permitted to be used.  The only exception to this is being granted an exemption by the Executive and added to the Aluminum Bat list (noted on the website).  Generally a player must be over 60 years of age, or other special circumstance, to use an Aluminum bat.  Steel or plastic cleats are both permitted.  Team uniforms are at the discretion of the individual Team Managers, but must be consistent among all players.

6) NEW Players are 'drafted' to new teams each April.  Our league does not permit 'team' entries.  We have found drafting is most effective in creating parity in the league, since our main objective is to remain non-competitive and recreational.  Plus it's a great way to meet new players and develop relationships with people within your league!

Go ahead and join - you won't be disappointed!

If you have any questions regarding joining our league, please email [email protected]