2014 Season, 2014 (London Mens Baseball League (over 30 league))

This League is part of the 2014 season, which is not set as the current season.
Rays22004108+20.5562-0-0W2vs. Red Sox, 5-6 (W)
Under The Volcano Longhorns22004138+50.6192-0-0W2vs. Dominos Werewolves, 2-6 (W)
Dominos Werewolves2110257-20.4171-1-0L1@ Under The Volcano Longhorns, 2-6 (L)
Red Sox211028800.5001-1-0L1@ Rays, 5-6 (L)
Astros211022015+50.5711-1-0W1vs. Aquarium Services, 8-14 (W)
Aquarium Services211021520-50.4291-1-0L1@ Astros, 8-14 (L)
Blue Jays1010013-20.2500-1-0L1@ Dominos Werewolves, 1-3 (L)
Cubs1010023-10.4000-1-0L1vs. Red Sox, 3-2 (L)
Stobie's Giants1010034-10.4290-1-0L1@ Rays, 3-4 (L)
Athletics1010067-10.4620-1-0L1@ Under The Volcano Longhorns, 6-7 (L)
Regular Season
Under The Volcano Longhorns171250249865+330.6017-3-0L1vs. Cubs, 7-2 (L)
Blue Jays1811612310784+230.5606-3-1L2@ Rays, 2-3 (L)
Dominos Werewolves18105323137106+310.5644-3-3L1@ Athletics, 9-10 (L)
Athletics171070209790+70.5195-5-0W5vs. Dominos Werewolves, 9-10 (W)
Cubs18972209890+80.5215-3-2W1@ Under The Volcano Longhorns, 7-2 (W)
Rays189901811693+230.5556-4-0W3vs. Blue Jays, 2-3 (W)
Stobie's Giants1881001691105-140.4644-6-0L1vs. Astros, 10-8 (L)
Red Sox18710115102114-120.4723-6-1W1@ Aquarium Services, 10-2 (W)
Aquarium Services1741031174129-550.3652-5-3L1vs. Red Sox, 10-2 (L)
Astros1721326106150-440.4142-6-2W1@ Stobie's Giants, 10-8 (W)