Scorekeeper Application (London Mens Baseball League (over 30 league))

Scorekeeper Application
Please complete this application in FULL if interested in becoming a scorekeeper for the London Mens Baseball League.
If chosen to become a scorekeeper for our league, the following details will be in place:

As a scorekeeper for the London Mens Baseball League (LMBL), I understand this is part-time contract work, where I am paid for each completed game scored in the LMBL on a schedule set out by the league Treasurer.

Games will be scored on league-provided equipment via the GameChanger app.  League equipment includes:

1 Apple IPad Air (Value $500)
1 Otterbox case (Value $100)
1 Portable Powerbank (Value $60)
1 Soft Carry Case (Value $30)
And associated chargers ($25 each)

Payment for scorekeeping will be as follows:

$45 per game scored.  A $5 stipend will be paid for streaming games on your personal data plan by ‘hot spotting’ the iPad to your personal device. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL - ALL GAMES ARE EXPECTED TO BE STREAMED LIVE. 

Rainouts – If you are scheduled for a game and arrive at the diamond PRIOR to the game being declared a rainout, you will be paid a $20 rainout payment for your travel time.  If the game begins, but is subsequently called prior to becoming official, you will be paid in full for that game.  There will be nothing paid for a second rainout on the same day.

Schedule:  Once you are scheduled for a game, you are responsible to ensure it is scored.  If you must cancel or can’t make it to a game, it is your responsibility to find someone who can cover for you.  Plan ahead.  You also must ensure you can get them the league equipment, or the person covering has personal equipment they can use for scorekeeping (personal IPad or Iphone).

It is your responsibility to ensure the devices are fully charged prior to each assigned game.  This includes the Powerbank.  The IPad should score two games on a single charge quite easily, but the provided Powerbank will ensure you have adequate power (for both your personal phone and league Ipad – there are two USB ports on the Powerbank).

Personal Use of Ipad:  As a League-provided device, moderate personal use is permitted when not required for scorekeeping purposes.  However, addition of APPS to the IPad must be approved by the league Executive prior to installation, and on a minimal basis.  All LMBL Ipads are connected devices, under the same Apple ID with Cloud Coverage.  Bear this in mind when accessing content or taking photographs with LMBL devices.  You are expected to use the device in a business-like manner, maintaining the LMBL objective of professionalism and maturity.  Use of the equipment in a manner which is unbecoming of the league will lead to immediate termination of duties.

Return of Equipment – The League equipment is expected to be returned to an LMBL Executive Officer (President, Secretary/Treasurer, or Director) upon completion of your scorekeeping duties each season.  There will be an audit of all returned items, and once satisfied, the league will issue your seasonal pay cheque.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR EQUIPMENT – I declare that if the League-provided scorekeeping equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged while I am deemed to be responsible, the amounts (noted above) can be withheld from my season payment in order to replace it.  The maximum deduction if all items are lost/stolen/damaged is $700.  If I do not have enough earnings to cover this cost, I agree to issue full payment for the difference.